Selected Publications

(All published by Urban Fox Press unless stated)


The Arts In Medway

Editor & Contributor ISBN 0-9547374-0-7

The Arts In Medway Vol II

Editor & Contributor ISBN 0-9547374-1-5

The First Ind. Medway Music & Art Festival

Editor & Contributor ISBN 0-9547374-3-1

Somewhere Else

Editor & Contributor ISBN 0-9547374-7-4

A River Anthology

Editor & Contributor ISBN 1-905522-00-2


Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-02-9

The Seeker

Writer & Photographer No ISBN

The History Of The Sunlight Centre

Editor & Contributor ISBN 1-905522-08-8
A Velvet Silence Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-11-8
Scatterlings Writer & Photographer No ISBN
Transitions Editor & Contributor ISBN 1-905522-13-4
Medway Festival Fringe Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-14-2
Art Safari Sketchbook

Editor & Contributor

ISBN 1-905522-15-0
In Egypt Writer & Photographer No ISBN
England! England Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-16-9
Dark Chamber Editor & Contributor ISBN 1-905522-17-7
The Smoking Dog Presents Editor & Contributor ISBN 1-905522-20-7
Pinhole Dreams Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-22-3
Siam Through A Pinhole Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-23-1
Walking to Trafalgar Writer & Photographer ISBN 0-9547374-9-0
Dark Chamber Vol II Editor & Contributor ISBN 1-905522-24-X
Field Trip To Krakow & Auschwitz Editor & Contributor ISBN 1-905522-25-8
Field Trip To High Atlas & Marrakech Editor & Contributor ISBN 1-905522-26-6
At The Villa Melzi Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-29-0
Art Safari Vol II Editor & Contributor ISBN 1-905522-30-4
The Historical Hillwalkers Annual 2008 Editor & Contributor ISBN 1-905522-31-2
Carnet de Stenope Vol I; Morocco Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-32-0
Carnet de Stenope Vol II; Sri Lanka Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-33-9
Carnet de Stenope Vol III; Istanbul Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-34-7
Carnet de Stenope Vol IV; India Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-36-3
Dockyard/Estuary Dreck Editor & Contributor ISBN 1-905522-35-5
Deconstruct Until Complete (Hakim & Slater; 2012) Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-38-X
Athenian Leporello Album (Hakim & Slater; 2013) Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-39-8
Torontonion Leporello Album (Hakim & Slater; 2013) Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-42-8
Budapestian Leporello Album (Hakim & Slater; 2013) Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-43-6
16 Pinhole Views of Suffolk (Hakim & Slater; 2013) Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-44-4
16 Levantine Portraits (Hakim & Slater; 2013) Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-41-X
Otherness; 45 Days on... (Hakim & Slater; 2013) Writer & Photographer ISBN 1-905522-40-8


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