I left secondary school aged 16 and, finding myself unable to settle into regular employment, set off to join the French Foreign Legion in Marseille (I failed, got scared at the gates). Over the following few years I wandered through over 70 countries, gained a passion for wilderness walking, long distance running and the romance of the road and started to document my adventures in England, Scotland, France, Italy, Greece, Hungary, India, Sri Lanka, Malawi, South Africa, Canada, China, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Israel and Poland.


Notable journeys include crossing the Sinai Desert on foot alone without map, compass or supplies, walking across Turkey from the Black Sea coast to the Meditteranean and a 5 week solo exploration on foot of the west coastline of Lake Malawi in Central Africa.


I stopped talking in the third person when I was 39, have thankfully never written my own Wikipedia entry and only Google myself on the 29th February.


I'm the inventor of the CJS Photographic Process (Contra Jour Solarisation), a means of achieving solarisation 'in-camera' using 35mm SLR combined with Harman Direct Positive Paper, and have had 32 Photographic Exhibitions including London, Tunbridge Wells, Rochester, Istanbul and Dimbola Lodge on the Isle of Wight, one of the centres of Traditional Photography in the UK. I've also lectured on the subject of Pinhole Photography at the British School in Cairo, Egypt and the University of Antalya, Turkey.


I've competed in road and trail races all over the world whilst maintaining a vegetarian, and now vegan, lifestyle. Noticeable placings include 2nd in the Stavely 17km Trail, 8th in the Great Trail Marathon and 12th in the Endure24, a 24 hour trail event.


I spend my time Travel Writing, making guides for The Photographers Guide To... and I offer Wedding and Commerical Photography amd workshops in Pinhole and 35mm Artistamp Photography. I'm very interested in sustainable, eco-friendly business practice and the 'Gift Economy' and regularly exchange service for service (for instance, completing work for hotels in return for a room). Bartering or living in the Gift Economy probably isn't a realistic answer to the world's increasing problems but I believe that working hand in hand with a less demanding, more generous form of capitalism could ease a few issues.


Selected Publications

All published by Urban Fox Press unless stated. To enquire about any of these books please visit Hakim & Slater


The Arts In Medway - Editor - ISBN 0-9547374-0-7

The Arts In Medway Vol II - Editor - ISBN 0-9547374-1-5

The First Ind. Medway Music & Art Festival - Editor - ISBN 0-9547374-3-1

Somewhere Else - Editor - ISBN 0-9547374-7-4

A River Anthology - Editor - ISBN 1-905522-00-2

River - ISBN 1-905522-02-9

The Seeker - No ISBN

The History Of The Sunlight Centre - Editor - ISBN 1-905522-08-8

A Velvet Silence - ISBN 1-905522-11-8

Scatterlings - No ISBN

Transitions - ISBN 1-905522-13-4

Medway Festival Fringe - ISBN 1-905522-14-2

Art Safari Sketchbook - ISBN 1-905522-15-0

In Egypt - No ISBN

England! England - ISBN 1-905522-16-9

Dark Chamber - ISBN 1-905522-17-7

The Smoking Dog Presents - ISBN 1-905522-20-7

Pinhole Dreams - ISBN 1-905522-22-3

Siam Through A Pinhole - ISBN 1-905522-23-1

Walking to Trafalgar - ISBN 0-9547374-9-0

Dark Chamber Vol II - ISBN 1-905522-24-X

Field Trip To Krakow & Auschwitz - ISBN 1-905522-25-8

Field Trip To High Atlas & Marrakech - ISBN 1-905522-26-6

At The Villa Melzi - ISBN 1-905522-29-0

Art Safari Vol II - Editor - ISBN 1-905522-30-4

The Historical Hillwalkers Annual 2008 - Editor - ISBN 1-905522-31-2

Dockyard/Estuary Dreck - ISBN 1-905522-35-5


Carnet de Stenope Vol I; Morocco - (Hakim & Slater; 2009) - ISBN 1-905522-32-0

Carnet de Stenope Vol II; Sri Lanka - (Hakim & Slater; 2010) - ISBN 1-905522-33-9

Carnet de Stenope Vol III; Istanbul - (Hakim & Slater; 2011) - ISBN 1-905522-34-7

Carnet de Stenope Vol IV; India - (Hakim & Slater; 2012) - ISBN 1-905522-36-3

Deconstruct Until Complete (Hakim & Slater; 2012) - ISBN 1-905522-38-X

Athenian Leporello Album (Hakim & Slater; 2013) - ISBN 1-905522-39-8

Torontonion Leporello Album (Hakim & Slater; 2013) - ISBN 1-905522-42-8

Budapestian Leporello Album (Hakim & Slater; 2013) - ISBN 1-905522-43-6

16 Pinhole Views of Suffolk (Hakim & Slater; 2013) - ISBN 1-905522-44-4

16 Levantine Portraits (Hakim & Slater; 2013) - ISBN 1-905522-41-X

Otherness; 45 Days on... (Hakim & Slater; 2013) - ISBN 1-905522-40-8

the Photographers; Visual Poems from the White Hour - (Hakim & Slater; 2013)


To enquire about any of these books please visit Hakim & Slater or email info@hakimslater.com


Selected Book Covers, Publicity and Artwork

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