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Thin Places

A walk through Southern England, between Eastbourne and Henley on Thames, exploring hidden England with the help of my Artistamp process. Hidden may mean off the beaten track, or beyond the visible spectrum. The walk was 220 miles in all and I was wild camping most of the way, trying to soak up all that this part of England has to offer. A book and film will be produced detailing the project but for now, if you want to follow the walk, check out my Instagram or Facebook feed.


the Photographers - Visual Poems from the White Hour

Guided by the poems of Sappho and the limitations of 35mm Artistamp, Box Brownie Pinhole and Analogue Film the Photographers describe a 4 month, 11,000 mile journey from the shores of the Meditteranean to those of Lake Ontario, from the ancient Greek Agora to downtown Toronto and from the wide open Cumbrian landscapes beloved of the great Romantics to intimate spaces shared with friends, family and lovers. To obtain a copy of 'Visual Poems from the White Hour' please visit the publishers website

"The Energy that comes from reducing a scene or experience to its raw bones is captivating, and David Wise has it down to an art."

Black & White Photography Magazine


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